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Cecil County Heritage Troupe 

Heritage troupe charactersOur troupe of costumed characters will take you back in time….to Cecil County, centuries ago. You'll be treated to living history performances from the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 eras. Cecil County played a pivotal role in both British invasions of our land, and our series of short skits will illustrate the struggles of the day. You'll hear from men, women, and children who will provide fascinating insight into tumultuous times in our country's history. Invite our troupe to your activity or event, and we'll bring history to life with our interpretation of what Cecil County was like in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Following is a description of our short skits, which can be performed together for an hour long presentation, or performed individually for shorter periods of time from 10 - 45 minutes. The troupe performs at schools, regional events, history activities and programs, clubs, or business functions. Audiences from age 7 - 97 will find the skits educational, fun, and entertaining.


Heritage Troupe Towne Square DebateTown Square Debate

Watch as Cecil County colonists struggle with the concept of a war with their motherland, for the sake of freedom and independence. You'll quickly get caught up in the passion of a debate in the town square, between patriots and loyalists with strong opposing views. What should they do? Remain loyal to the King, or fight for freedom?! (This skit is always a crowd pleaser!)

Heritage Troupe Girl TalkGirl Talk

Listen as young ladies talk about life in the 18th Century. They speak of daily chores and responsibilities, and welcome a visiting young relative from the city. The visitor marvels at the sound of life in the country, and the girls from the country are amazed at the fanciful days their new friend has back home. This skit gives insight into life for Cecil County's younger generation during the last quarter of the 1700s.

Heritage Troupe TavernThe Tavern

Enjoy light-hearted conversation from within the walls of a tavern. The women talk about famous folks who have passed through their door, while traveling north or south in our country's early days. Overhear their reminiscences about love and life, and their advice to the younger generation. As the skit draws to a close they are visited by a weary courier with news they won't soon forget.

Robert Alexander

Mr. Alexander owned a fine plantation that covers much of what today is known as downtown Elkton. He was a wealthy gentleman with influence, and was named to the prestigious Continental Congress. He wholeheartedly believed the colonists should demand more rights from the King. But when a struggle for independence began, he had to choose a side, and his life changed forever. Hear the compelling true story of a man and a war, and a family who was torn apart by a fateful decision.

Aboard Ship

You'll be transported to late August of the year 1777, aboard an English vessel filled with the King's troops. The Chesapeake Bay is stormy, and the weather stifling hot. Men are exhausted and ill. Their British Officer gives them a pep talk and shares news of their landing and encampment in "County Cecil". Listen as he shares victorious plans of surging onward to Philadelphia, to conquer General Washington's army.

Heritage Troupe Encounter in the CampEncounter in the Camp 

A curious young colonial sneaks out of his house and into the British Camp. He's immediately nabbed by a young English soldier. They confront one another, and a civil conversation ensues, but soon a nasty officer discovers the lad, and civility is not on his mind.


Father Departs

Watch as a father explains to his children why he's leaving to fight the British. His son is charged with being "man of the house", and the other family members know that sadly, life will not be the same for some time. In a later year, a letter arrives to tell the fate of this man who has supported his country's fight against England to retain their independence.

Heritage Troupe Judge SampleJudge Sample

You'll hear a fascinating reminiscence of Judge Sample's younger years spent in Cecil during the War of 1812. He was too young to fight, but helped where he could, and watched a memorable story unfold from the second story window of the stone house at Elk Landing.

Heritage Troupe Kitty KnightKitty Knight

Hear the tales of a famous illustrious woman from these parts….Miss Catherine Knight. She was quite a colorful character of the day, and certainly not afraid of the British when they landed along her shores. She has strong words of warning for the audience, about what to do if the British arrive on our shores again someday.

Coming Soon…..

Skits of the Victorian era are currently being developed. Stay tuned for updates on new performances portraying Cecil County in the late 1800s.

The Cecil County Heritage Troupe is sponsored by:

  • Cecil County Tourism, Cecil Community College, and Cecil County Special Events Foundation.

Cost: Within a one hour driving radius of Cecil County, the Heritage Troupe does not charge non-profit groups for performances, though donations are gratefully accepted. For-profit businesses or organizations will be charged a moderate fee according to performance time and distance of the performance location.

For More Information Contact: Cecil County Tourism.1-800-CECIL-95