Protecting Communities

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In addition to the Programs & Services which the Office of the State's Attorney (SAO) for Cecil County offers to the community, the SAO works in collaboration with many local agencies and organizations whose missions are to safeguard children, families, seniors and initiate practices that promote public safety. The programs listed below come under the umbrella of protecting communities.


Alcohol and Drug Task Force

The Alcohol and Drug Task Force was created by the CC Community Health Advisory Committee (see above) to reduce substance abuse and improve the health of the community through prevention and better access to treatment and services. Strategies include increasing parental knowledge about the type and extent of drug use among youth and the increasing access to treatment.

Law Enforcement

CSAFE Program
Tel: 410.295.1287
FAX: 410.590.1523

Advanced and Specialized Training Unit
Maryland State Police
1623 Forest Drive, Suite 203
Annapolis, MD 21403

The Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement (CSAFE) Program is a state program initiated through the Governor's Program for Crime Control and Prevention (GPCCP) and coordinated by the Advanced and Specialized Training Unit of the Maryland Police and Correctional Commission. Its mission is to provide focused and coordinated law enforcement to reduce crime and ensure public safety in high crime areas in Maryland. CSAFE also promotes strategies to reduce offender recidivism, provide substance abuse treatment, and improve information sharing by CSAFE partners and other public safety agencies.

The Advanced and Specialized Training Unit aids in the development of CSAFE teams and offers training in public safety issues.