Patrol Division

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The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed deputies that consist of four different Patrol Squads, the Traffic Unit, and the K-9 Unit. Each Patrol Squad includes a Sergeant, two Corporals, and eight to nine Deputies. The Patrol Division provides the core police services to the community. The operations of the Patrol Division include various activities to include responding to dispatched Calls for Service (CFS), maintaining visibility in high crime areas, conducting investigations and ensuring the safety and security of Cecil County.

Cecil County is divided into five separate Patrol Areas (click here to view Patrol Area Map). Deputies are assigned to each patrol area and are responsible for providing police service to that area. Deputies are generally assigned to a specific patrol area which allows them to become very familiar with the area and provide efficient law enforcement services.

Wilson, Josseph Lieutenant

Patrol Division Commander

Joseph Wilson

For Fiscal Year 2019 Patrol Statistics please view the 2019 Annual Report