Drug Task Force

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The Cecil County Drug Task Force (CCDTF) is a combined investigative effort of the Elkton
Police Department, Cecil County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, the Cecil County
State's Attorney's Office and the Department of Homeland Security.

The manpower and resources of the unit are directed at violations of the Controlled Dangerous
Substances laws of the state of Maryland involving the sale, manufacture, importation, and
smuggling of drugs into Cecil County. The unit has good working relationships with various
local, state and federal drug units throughout the country. Locally, the unit works with concerned
citizens, paid and unpaid confidential informants, as well as officers working in an undercover
capacity in the drug community. All officers in the CCDTF have "state-wide authority," meaning
that they have law enforcement powers throughout the state as virtually all drug investigations
involve multiple jurisdictions.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

When drug trafficking becomes a major problem in a specific area, it may be designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). This allows that area to be eligible for extra resources that local law enforcement cannot provide on their own.  Cecil County is designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.  HIDTA’s goal is to address drug-related issues by supporting and collaborating with our law enforcement, treatment, and prevention partners.  In 2019, while utilizing HIDTA resources combined with the Cecil County Drug Task Force, 47 felony arrests were made, 15 firearms seized and 3 Drug Trafficking Organizations were dismantled. 

Tip Line

No one knows your specific communities as well as you do. If something feels or looks
suspicious, please call the CCDTF at 443-350-9125, or in an emergency, your local law
enforcement agency. All calls are handled with full confidentiality and callers remain
anonymous. When you call please provide as much information as possible, including addresses,
vehicle descriptions, and registration numbers. No piece of intelligence information is too small.
If necessary you may leave a message, but we encourage you to call back until you can speak
personally with an investigator. We document all drug tips.


For Fiscal Year 2019 Drug Task Force Statistics please view the 2019 Annual Report


Cecil County Drug Task Force