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All new arrivals to the facility are processed in the booking area. During this time, their criminal history is reviewed, fingerprints and photographs are taken, and inmates' personal property is cataloged. 


Utilizing transport vans and cars, inmates are escorted to court hearings, bond reviews, and medical appointments. Transport officers may also be required to relocate inmates to other correctional facilities in Maryland or elsewhere.


Officers working in Control monitor movement within the facility. From this post, they electronically open and close doors as required to permit both inmate and officer movement within the detention center.

Health Services

During incarceration inmates receive a variety of health services such as medical and psychological evaluation. An independent provider, PrimeCare, provides superior medical services. In addition, PrimeCare provides mental health services, such as counseling and addiction services. Emergency dental services are available for inmates on-site on an as-needed basis.


Facility upkeep is managed by the maintenance department. Daily repairs to lighting, heating/cooling systems and other infrastructure items fall under their responsibilities.  

Food Services

The Center currently contracts with Aramark to supervise the preparation of meals for the inmates, menu planning, and ordering. A registered dietician approves all menus for calorie and nutritional content.