Detention Center Recognitions

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Detention Center Recognitions

Corporal Brian Bennett is a seventeen year correctional veteran who has dedicated his life to the mission of the agency. He has been a shift supervisor for eleven years and is currently the head of Administrative Records.

Corporal Bennett is known for his extensive knowledge of agency policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and all administrative paper work that pertains to the institutional file of an inmate. All staff, including supervisors, regularly looks to him for advice and guidance on all issues that concern court paper work, detainers, warrants, and calculating inmate release dates to include monthly industrial and special credit deductions as well as adjusted release dates when good time is forfeited through disciplinary hearings. Corporal Bennett also assists inmates with their current release dates, maintains the release list, or disburses inmate funds as per policy for transfers.

He is responsible for all Court Commitments, as well as being versed in the active inmate file from Booking where they originate through the time of the inmates release. He possesses the ability to conduct himself as the agency’s liaison between the Courts and the Detention Center. Corporal Bennett works harmoniously with other agencies, and he is detailed oriented. He ensures and checks files for accuracy of information that is put into the Jail Management System. In addition, Corporal Bennett makes sure that all commitments are accurately entered into the system and all updates, bond reviews, sentences, etc., are properly entered into the system. Filing all legal documents and paper work generated for each inmate into the files is very time consuming and he ensures that this is completed in a timely and accurate manner. Corporal Bennett bears a heavy responsibility to the security of the facility as the Administrator of Records.

Corporal Bennett proofs inactive files for completeness before they are released to archive. Also, Corporal Bennett obtains criminal history information from the NCIC system for security clearances and enters and maintains the information as mandated in COMAR. Additionally, Corporal Bennett tracks fugitive hearings and notifies other agencies of Court decisions for transfers. He also tracks and schedules transfers of inmates sentenced to the Division of Corrections. He is specifically tasked to prepare statistical information of daily inmate counts and categories. As a result of Corporal Bennett’s input, support, and dedication, the Administrative Records continue to be accurate and closely monitored for updates and changes.

In closing, Corporal Bennett simply never leaves his desk for the day until the adjusted release dates for all inmates is updated. He is always seen completing a task of some sort. Corporal Bennett is the epitome of “hard working” and is a highly valued asset to our Agency.


Corporal Brian Bennett has demonstrated all of the attributes of an excellent Officer and an effective leader. He is an asset to this facility and is thereby most deserving of the title:

“2017 Cecil County Detention Center Officer of the Year” 


cpl bennett