Weekend Sentence Information

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Effective July 1, 2015, the following information applies to an Inmate serving a weekend sentence in the Community Corrections Center. A weekend sentence is defined as nonconsecutive periods of 48 hours or less per week.

Upon reporting to the Correctional Facility, a Drug and Alcohol test will be administered. A person testing positive for Drugs and/or Alcohol will serve their weekend sentence in the Detention Center. 

Weekenders are required to pay a fee of $20.00 per day and $20.00 fee for drug testing. Payment is required when you report to serve your weekend sentence.

Failure to pay weekend fees, reporting to serve your sentence under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol, and non-compliance with court ordered reporting times will be reported to the sentencing judge and may result in a sentence modification. 

Inmates serving their sentence in the Community Corrections Center may purchase food/drink items from vending machines. 

No Visitation. 

Weekenders may be assigned to work Road Crew Details or Special Work Assignments. 

All medications must be surrendered to Security Staff upon entering the Center. Upon approval Medical Staff will administer medication at designated times or as needed. 

All Weekend Inmates will be issued an Inmate Manual, and shall complete orientation of program rules. 

Electronic devices such as Cell Phones, I-Pods, and Personal Computers are prohibited.

Personal property is limited to:
(1) Pair Shoes 
(1) Pair Shower Shoes 
(2) Pair Socks 
(2) Underwear 
(2) Undershirt 
(2) Pants/ Slacks 
(2) Shirts 
(1) Towel 
(2) Bras 

*Personal hygiene items will be provided by Community Corrections Staff.