Community Corrections

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Located at:
500 Landing Lane
Elkton, Maryland 21921


The Community Corrections Center is a minimum security facility with an operating capacity of 124 Inmates.  Male and Female Inmates may serve their sentence at the Center.

The purpose of the Center is to house and rehabilitate individuals who have been convicted of a crime but who, in the judgment of the Court and appropriate Correctional Personnel, can participate in community activities such as employment and rehabilitation programs without posing a substantial danger to the community.

The Center operates pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, Correctional Services Section 8-701 through 8-709, 9-105, and Section 11-602.  All Inmates must satisfy placement criteria and upon acceptance, may continue or pursue employment in the community as well as other approved activities.

Inmate Services

Inmates may be assigned to participate in community activities.

The following are examples of special events and non-profit organizations that inmates at the Community Corrections Center support:

  • Help Center, Elkton
  • Public Libraries
  • Cecil County Fair, Fair Hill
  • Firefighter Challenge
  • Salute to Cecil County Veterans, North East
  • Special Olympics
  • Relay for Life
  • Sunfest, Rising Sun
  • Elkton Little League
  • Perryville Park

Road Crew Activity

The Community Corrections Center operates an Inmate Road Crew to remove litter from County Roads. Inmate roadside litter activity is limited to collection and bagging of litter. Bagged litter will be retrieved and disposed of by the County Roads Department at the County Landfill. Weather permitting, this activity occurs year round.

Drug Court

The Circuit Court of Cecil County operates the Cecil County Adult Drug Treatment Court Program.  The Community Corrections Center  participates in the program by testing participants for substance abuse and assigning a staff person to the Drug Court Team. The Drug Court serves as an alternative program to incarceration as well as an addiction treatment program.

Community Work Service Program

The Community Corrections Center administers the Community Work Service Program. Individuals sentenced by the court to perform community service must report to the center to be registered and assigned to a work site.  Participants are monitored to ensure compliance with their court order. When an individual is non-compliant, the court will determine further action when appropriate.    

Questions regarding the Community Corrections Center may be directed to Major Barry A. Janney, Sr., Director or Lieutenant Matthew Carr, Correctional Supervisor, Community Corrections Center, 500 Landing Lane, Elkton, Maryland 21921; Phone: 410-996-5810; Fax: 410-996-5515.