Frequently Asked Questions

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Commonly Used Terms

  • Purchase Order – A formal authorization issued to vendors, committing the County to buy the goods or services as described on the form. It also defines quantity, delivery date, and price.
  • Request for BID – This is the most informal purchasing process. A BID is a request for a potential vendor to provide a bid for a specific good or service.
  • Request for Proposal – This is a formal request for potential vendors to provide proposals (RFP) for specific goods or services.
  • Request for Quote – This is a formal request for potential vendors to provide a written quote for a good or service.
  • Piggyback – The decision of the County to use the results of a competitive bid process to enter into a contract or to purchase goods or services.

Where do I find the current solicitations?
Current solicitations are located on our Bid Board. the solicitations are in PDF format and will open in a new window.

What are the SDAT Good Standing Requirements?
Vendors conducting business with Cecil County may need to be registered with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). For information on whether registration is required Vendors should call SDAT at 410-767-1340.

Cecil County verifies the company’s status in SDT and may require the successful bidder to submit a Good Standing Certificate, also known as a “Certificate of Status”, issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation’s Charter Division, and State of Organization.

Can I submit a Bid or Proposal electronically?
Electronically submitted Bids or Proposals will not be accepted.  Solicitations are provided on the Cecil County, MD website as a .pdf document for all vendors to download.  All vendors wishing to submit a solicitation should obtain an original set of documents or a CD from the Cecil County Purchasing Office (fees may apply).  Changes or addendums to any solicitation will be posted on the County web-page.  The County is not responsible for information obtained from sources outside the Cecil County Purchasing Office.  Vendors obtaining electronic copies of the proposal documents from outside the Purchasing Office will be directly responsible for obtaining updates, changes or addendums either from the updated web-page or by contacting the Purchasing Office.