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Stormwater Facility Maintenance

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The owner of a stormwater management facility is responsible for its maintenance. In most developments in Cecil County, the Homeowners Association owns stormwater management areas. Stormwater Management ponds should be inspected by the owners, and maintenance should be performed as needed.

Stormwater Management facility maintenance can become very expensive. The best way to reduce costs in the long run is to consistently maintain the facility by performing minor maintenance so that major repairs are avoided in the future.

 In order to maintain the stormwater management facility, inspect your facility several times per year. When you inspect the facility, look for the following:

  • Does the facility show signs of settling, cracking, bulging, misalignment, or other structural deterioration?
  • Are the pipes going into or out of the pond clogged?
  • Do embankments, emergency spillways, side slopes, or inlet/outlet structures show signs of excessive erosion?
  • Is the outlet pipe damaged or otherwise not functioning properly?
  • Do impoundments and inlet areas show erosion, low spots, or lack of stabilization?
  • Are animal burrows present?
  • Is woody vegetation present on the embankment or within 15 feet of the toe of the slope?
  • Are contributing areas unstabilized with evidence of erosion?
  • Does the depth of sediment or other factors suggest a loss of storage volume?
  • Is there standing water in inappropriate areas?
  • Is there an accumulation of floating debris and/or trash?
  • Does the fence, if one exists, need to be repaired?
  • Is there any non-native species, or has any one type of vegetation taken over the facility?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, a corrective action should be performed to mitigate the problem. If you are unsure about an answer, do not hesitate to contact the Department of Public Works to request an inspection.

In addition to self inspections performed by the owner, stormwater management facilities are required by Maryland state law to be inspected by Cecil County immediately after completion of construction, one year after completion of construction, and every three years thereafter. Whenever a stormwater management facility is inspected by the county, an inspection report is sent to the owner via certified mail. Any corrective actions requested on this inspection report must be satisfactorily performed by the owner in accordance with the time-line established within the inspection report.