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Non-Compliant Practices

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There are many common signs of construction site best management practice failures and their impacts. Most of these problems occur because the controls were not installed, were designed inadequately, or were not maintained. If the public notices these signs on a construction site in Cecil County, he or she should immediately contact the Department of Public Works to prevent water quality degradation.


Site Stabilization

This site is not stabilized and has no perimeter controls in place. To be compliant, the site would straw, seed and tack all disturbed areas and install perimeter controls as shown on the approved erosion and sediment control plans.  
This site has a stockpile that is disturbed and has not been graded for more than 14 days. Also, no perimeter controls are in place. To be compliant, this stockpile should be immediately stabilized and perimeter controls must be installed. 

 Perimeter Control Maintenance and Installation

The silt fence is not maintained. To be complaint, the silt fence should be reinstalled to the correct specifications denoted on the approved plan. 
The silt fence in this photo is not keyed in. To be compliant this fence must be trenched eight inches into the ground and backfilled. 
The super silt fence shown here is not trenched into the ground nor attached appropriately to the posts. As stated above, the silt fence must be trenched into the ground. 
The super silt fence is not maintained on this site. The fabric must remain attached and taut to the wire mesh. 

The silt fence is removed prematurely on this site. Silt fences must remain in place until the site is 90% green. Silt fences may not be removed without permission from the sediment control inspector.

 Stone Construction Entrance

The stone construction entrance in this site is not installed. Stone construction entrances must be installed prior to any grading on site. Stone construction entrances are installed at every ingress and egress. 
This site has illegal tracking of sediment onto a public road. The sediment that is tracked onto this surface will runoff into waters thereby causing sediment pollution. To be in compliance, a stone construction entrance must be immediately installed and the tracked sediment must be removed from the road. 

 Inlet and Outlet Protection

This inlet has no inlet protection. To be compliant, inlet protection must be installed and maintained at all inlets until the contributing drainage area is completely stabilized. 
The outlet protection shown here is silted in. The rip-rap outlet pad must remain free from silt and debris. 
The outlet on this site is washed out. To be compliant, an appropriately sized rip rap outfall pad should be installed. In addition, all de-watering practices must take place through an approved filtering device. Also, the erosion control inspector must be notified prior to any de-watering. 

 Filter Maintenance

The filter cloth in this sand filter has been silted in. All sediment should be removed from the cloth so that the filtering capacities are restored. 

 Stone Check Dams

The stone check dam shown here is not installed correctly because there is no defined weir in the center of the structure and the stone is not tied in correctly to the embankment. 

 Evidence of Off-site Erosion and Sedimentation

Sediment laden water is captured in this image leaving a site. Upstream of this discharge was an improperly installed and maintained super silt fence. 
This photo shows the exact location of sediment laden water being deposited into what was once a pristine stream. This problem should be traced back to its source and appropriate controls should be installed. 

 Overall Compliance

This site is out of compliance for multiple reasons. The stone construction entrance needs refreshed, tracking is on public roads, and no perimeter controls are present. All erosion and sediment control practices must be immediately installed and maintained.