Public Works Divisions

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The Cecil County Department of Public Works is divided into five divisions to cover daily administrative functions.

For emergency after hour calls that would pertain to any of the Public Works Divisions listed below, please contact Emergency Services at: 410-398-2222.

Office of the Director

Office: 410-996-5259 
W. Scott Flanigan, P.E.

Teresa Gardner, P.E.
Deputy Director
The Office of the Director oversees the operation of the Department of Public Works. The Office of the Director consists of the Director, Deputy Director, and Administrative Assistant.
Stormwater Management Division

Office: 410-996-5265 
Van Funk
The Stormwater Management Division is composed of two branches:


The Stormwater Management Division operates under the Cecil County Department of Public Works. The Stormwater Management Division is responsible for the development, management and execution of the Cecil County Erosion & Sediment Control and Stormwater Management programs. This division ensures the effective administration of and compliance with the Cecil County Code and other applicable laws, regulations and standards.

Engineering & Construction Division

Office: 410-996-5268
Phil Muzik, P.E.
The Engineering & Construction Division is responsible for all aspects of the management and execution of the Department's Capital Improvement Program as well as for providing engineering support to the Department's operating divisions (Roads, Wastewater, Solid Waste). The Engineering and Construction Division consists of the Chief, Civil Engineers, Construction Inspection Supervisor, Construction Inspection Representatives, and Office Engineering Technician.
Roads Division

Office: 410-996-6270
Fax: 410-996-6258 
Dan Webber

The Cecil County Roads Maintenance Division is the largest operational division within the Department of Public Works. At full operational employment, the division contains some 49 positions, four of which are temporary seasonal workers.

The primary services provided by the Roads Maintenance Division are daily maintenance of and upgrades to county streets and drainage structures, all necessary emergency response actions from situations that include storm event flooding and downed trees to snow and ice removal and weed control. This division is public service in its most direct approach. 

Solid Waste Division

Office: 410-996-6275
Fax: 410-287-4608 
David Horne

The Cecil County Solid Waste Management Division is the second largest operational division within the Department of Public Works. A total of 23 positions are needed during two operational shifts to operate the County's two satellite solid waste transfer stations and the central landfill facility at 758 E. Old Philadelphia Road, Elkton, Maryland.

The primary services provided by the Solid Waste Management Division include daily processing of Cecil County's solid waste stream, implementing Cecil County's Waste Recycling Program, and vigilant monitoring of the environmental site characteristics at the Central Landfill site.

Wastewater Division

Office: 410-996-6260
Fax: 410-996-6263
Mark Durrett
The primary services provided by personnel within the Wastewater Division include the daily operations and upkeep of five public wastewater/sanitary sewer treatment plants as well as daily maintenance on miles of service lines installed to collect wastewater from hundreds of county homes.In addition, this division provides operational support to water systems utilized by the Board of Education.