July 28, 2010

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The Board of License Commissioners of Cecil County met in a regular session at the County Administrative Building, Conference Room, 200 Chesapeake Boulevard, Elk Room, Elkton, MD on Wednesday July 28, 2010 at 9:00 A.M.

             Tim Snelling, Chairman
                                Herrell 'Cuz' Curry, Commissioner

                                William Gerweck, Commissioner

                                H. Norman Wilson, Jr., Esquire
                                Earl R. Bradford, Chief Alcohol Beverage Inspector
                                Robin Coyle, Administrative Assistant 

NEW LICENSE - Application received from Dwight E. Thomey, Resident Agent; John Sanchez is the Vice President of Operations; Marc DeLeo, Director of Marketing; Penn Cecil Maryland, Inc. T/A Hollywood Casino, 1201 Chesapeake Overlook Parkway, Perryville, MD 21903 for issuance of a new Class "EF" Entertainment Facility alcoholic beverage license. 

Dwight Thomey, John Sanchez and Marc DeLeo appeared before the Board; the applicants were duly sworn by the clerk.  The fully executed application packet with proper fees included: signatures of 10 registered voters and property owners in District 7-2; Alcohol Awareness Training; Certification Form; Worker's Compensation and a copy of the Special Exception received stating the premises is zoned for an alcoholic beverage license.  Mr. Wilson read the public notice and stated it was duly advertised on July 14 and 21, 2010 in the Cecil Whig; he asked the applicant if the questions that he answered as part of the application packet were true today as they were when he signed the application; the applicant stated yes.  Mr. Thomey asked the other applicants if they have reviewed the alcoholic beverage laws and Cecil County Rules & Regulations and if they agree to comply with them; both applicants stated they have reviewed them and they agree to comply.  Mr. Thomey stated they are on schedule to open September 30th and are planning a controlled opening by invitation only on September 25th.  Chairman Snelling asked Ms. Coyle if any additional paperwork was needed to complete the application; Ms. Coyle stated no, they will need to submit a copy of the occupancy permit prior to the issuance of the license.  Chairman Snelling stated he feels this is huge for the state and the financial impact this will have not only on his hometown of Perryville, but Cecil County and the State of Maryland in general is great.  He also stated for the record that Chief Bradford, Ms. Coyle, Commissioner Curry and himself toured the facility and thanked the applicants for that.  With no further questions Commissioner Gerweck made a motion to approve the issuance of the license with obtaining all the proper permits, licenses, etc. to the Board office; Commissioner Curry seconded that motion and the Board then voted unanimously to approve the issuance of the license with obtaining all the proper permits, licenses, etc.   

VIOLATION - Donna Grant, Member; Quiroz, LLC, T/A Rivera Maya, 223 East Main Street, Rising Sun, MD 21911 

Humberto Quiroz appeared before the Board with attorney, Will Riddle.  Mr. Quiroz and Chief Bradford were duly sworn by the Clerk.  Mr. Wilson asked if they agree to continue on a Statement of Fact; Ms. Knox stated yes.  Chief Bradford read his report into the record.  Mr. Riddle asked Mr. Quiroz if he agreed with Chief Bradford's report; Mr. Quiroz stated yes; he continued the 17 year old clerk took the order and Ms. Gomez served the alcoholic beverage; she is no longer employed with the establishment.  Commissioner Gerweck asked how many seats were in the establishment; Mr. Quiroz stated about 25.  Chairman Snelling asked if the servers have alcohol awareness training; Mr. Quiroz stated he is looking for a permanent server, they do not stay around long enough to be alcohol awareness trained, but when he finds a permanent server, he will send that person to alcohol awareness training.  With no further questions, Chairman Snelling stated the Board will make a decision and they will be notified by certified mail.   

BOARD DECISION:  Guilty - $250 fine and $250 proceedings cost. 


10:20 AM - On motion by Commissioner Gerweck, second by Commissioner Curry, the Board convened to closed session pursuant to Maryland Annotated Code State Government 10-508(a) (7) Consult with counsel to discuss legal matters

General Business ·                    

 Approve Minutes The minutes from the June 30, 2010 meeting were approved.   ·                    


Old Business ·                    


 Chief Bradford stated the office has again begun to receive complaints regarding this business. 

 New Business ·                    

Change of Officers

o   Hacks Point Market – A-10 - Approved

o   Hilltop Inn – B-10 – will need to submit Change of Officers' form  


With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.  



 Tim Snelling, Chairperson  


Robin S. Coyle, Administrative Assistant