July 29, 2009

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The Board of License Commissioners of Cecil County met in a regular session at the County Administrative Building, Conference Room, 200 Chesapeake Boulevard, Elk Room, Elkton, MD on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 9:00 A.M.

             Tim Snelling, Chairman
                                Herrell 'Cuz' Curry, Commissioners
                                William Gerweck, Commissioner
                                H. Norman Wilson, Jr., Esquire
                                Earl R. Bradford, Chief Alcohol Beverage Inspector
                                Kelly Weber, Alcohol Beverage Inspector


Update – Christopher D. Shelton, T/A Captain Chris's Crab Shack, 1717 Turkey Point Rd, North East, MD 21901


Chris Shelton appeared before the Board; he assumed he was approved for outdoor dining when he applied for his license.  Chief Bradford approved as long as permits and inspections approved.  Mr. Conway from permits gave exemption until spring 2010.  Attorney Fockler will provide copy of the exemption.  Entertainment was questioned.  Entertainment is only acoustic and only until 7:30pm.  The Board questioned what the issue was with the additional shed and Chris Shelton advised he included a shed on his original application but permits included the walk in cooler as the shed.  He has the permit now for the additional shed.  Chris Shelton has taken the TIPS course and the Board suggested 1 or 2 employees take the course as well.  Alcohol sales are from window; no outdoor sales.  The Board approved outdoor use.


Update – Ashok Maganbhai Patel, President; Ila Ashok Patel, Secretary/Treasurer; Robert Valliant Jones, Resident Agent; Amit, Inc. T/A Schroeder's Liquors, 479 North East Rd, North East, MD 21901


Mr. Patel appeared before the Board regarding license transfer from on/off sales to off sales only.  The cost to keep the deli open was too much; therefore they closed the deli.  There is a take out food cart in the parking lot.  This person is on his own and has no parts with Schroeders.  Harvey Jones will submit an application to be resident agent as the Board declined CK Patel to be the resident agent due to previous circumstances with Giant Liquors.  The Board approved that if they want to appoint another resident agent in the future, they will agree to a hearing at that time.

The Board gave Mr. Patel until close of business Monday, 8/3/09 to submit an application for the license re-classification


Update  Little Orkie's , B103 145 E Main St, Cecilton, MD 21903 


Request for transfer of Class B Beer, Wine & Liquor Alcoholic Beverage License WITHDRAWN/CANCELLED per Sally Zebley.


Update-  Giordano Brothers, Schaefers/The Canal House, B36


The Giordano Brothers appeared before the Board with an update.  They advised they are looking at January 2010 for opening the indoor area and Spring 2010 for the exterior.  The city is to approve their license by 8/6/09.  Chief Bradford questioned if any complaints from the locals ; to date there have been no complaints.  The Board advised to be approved for the BLX license, a minimum of $600,000 must be spent on the banquet room and kitchen only but the Board can be flexible.  Seating will be 267 outdoors and 230 indoors.  The seating amount is more than enough for the BLX license.  The Giordano Brothers are unsure of entertainment and banquets at this point.  The Board advised a license can be issued and only one license required for the restaurant , banquet room and deck area. 


Legislative Issues -

            Board will not be introducing any legislative requests this year. 

General Business

·                     Approve Minutes

Minutes of the June 24, 2009 meeting were approved. 

·                     Specials


Old Business


New Business

Steak & Main, B29   Change of officers from Chris Cebula to Mark Calderion.

Elk Landing, B107   Board approved lease management agreement between Licensee Jack Beaston and Manager Sam Patel.



With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.




Tim Snelling, Chairperson



Kelly Weber, Alcohol Beverage Inspector