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Licensees should require identification from any person who is of questionable age each time they attempt to purchase alcohol.

Routine Inspections

As required by Alcoholic Beverages Titles, Section 17-205, inspectors visit and inspect at unannounced times every licensed premises in the county at least every 90 days.

Operation Stay Alert

This is an annual program primarily funded through grant money. During this operation an agent who is 21 years of age, enters a licensed establishment in an attempt to purchase alcohol without identification. At the point an employee or licensee asks the agent for identification the operation is complete. The agent reports to an inspector waiting outside, who in turn provides the employee or licensee with educational packets and other information, records the events and congratulates the sales person for a good job. If the agent reports to the inspector that the employee or licensee failed to ask for identification before completing the sale of alcohol, the inspector reports to the person making the sale of the events that though a violation did not occur, they must stay alert and card everyone of questionable age and appearance. The employee or licensee is provided educational packets and other information, the events are documented and most likely a follow-up compliance check will occur.

Compliance Check

This is an operation where a person under the age of 21 attempts to purchase alcohol. If a sale of alcohol occurs the employee or licensee of the establishment will be contacted immediately by an inspector informing them of the alleged violation. They will receive a follow-up letter from the Board of License Commissioners outlining the statement of charges and informing the licensee of the hearing date.