Plumbing Permits

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Plumbing/Gas Permits, Inspections, License Applications and Information

Plumbing License:

All master plumbers doing work in Cecil County must be licensed by the County in accordance with the provisions of the law with respect thereto as set forth in Title 12, Plumbers, of the Business Occupations and Professions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland. Prior to submitting an application for a County license, the applicant must present valid proof of his master plumber's certificate as issued by the Maryland State Board of Plumbing, and the applicant must also furnish copies of liability insurance.

For information on obtaining a Maryland Plumbing License, please visit the website of the Maryland Plumbing Board.  Installation of approved wells, septic tanks, seepage pits or tile fields must be done under the supervision of a licensed master plumber unless the work is performed by the property owner himself or by a person of such knowledge and training as to warrant specific authorization by the County Health Department.

Gas/Propane/Natural Gas Installations: These installations must be installed by those that are licensed by the State of Maryland as either a Master Plumber/Gas Fitter, Master Natural Gas Fitter or have a Propane Gas Fitter certification.

Plumbing Permits:

No plumbing work shall be commenced in the County until a permit to do such work has been issued by the Division of Permits & Inspections to a licensed master plumber. All plumbing work performed in the County - in, about, or in connection with - any building must conform with Chapter 270 and the regulations of the State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. All indoor plumbing fixtures must be installed under the supervision of a master plumber licensed in Cecil County and the State of Maryland.

Exception:  Homeowners wanting to perform the plumbing work within their residential dwelling must take a test and submit a drawing of all plumbing, including drainage and water lines. Upon receiving a score of 75, a permit may be issued to the homeowner. If the homeowner contracts the work to a plumber, it is his responsibility to determine that the plumber is licensed in the State and County. It shall be understood that no one except the homeowner or a licensed master plumber shall be permitted to do plumbing in the residence. A Maryland state and County licensed master plumber must make the connection between the residence of the individual and a public or private disposal system or water supply system.  Homeowners can only obtain a plumbing permit to provide plumbing services within their own dwelling once in a five-year period for new construction. For repair work or additions, the work performed shall be within the personal residence only.

Plumbing Inspections:

The Division of Permits & Inspections shall be notified by the plumber to perform an inspection before covering any indoor or outdoor underground installations and rough plumbing work. The Division of Permits & Inspections shall be requested by the plumber to perform a final inspection at such time as all plumbing work is complete. Inspections for plumbing installations can only be scheduled by the individual or his or her representative who acquired the plumbing permit.  A notice of at least 24 hours is required to schedule any inspection. All connections to a municipal water or sewer line shall be inspected by the Cecil County Department of Public Works or any municipality which regulates such lines or their agent prior to covering of the work performed.