Certificate of Use and/Or Occupancy

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Per IBC, International Building Code, Section 110 - Certificate of Occupancy OR Per IRC, International Residential Code,Section R110 - Certificate of Occupancy 

When a Certificate of Use and/or Occupancy Permit is required, the building SHALL NOT be used or occupied in whole or in part until the Certificate of Use and/or Occupancy has been issued by the Division of Permits and Inspections.  Provision for prosecution to terminate unlawful use of occupancy are provided within the code. Penalties provided include fines and/or imprisonment. It is the owners'/applicants' responsibility to make sure that the contractors and subcontractors arrange the final building, plumbing, HVAC and electrical inspections.

An occupancy permit will NOT be issued until ALL final approvals have been completed by the following Department/Agencies;

  • Final Building
  • Final Plumbing
  • Final HVAC
  • Final Electric
  • Zoning
  • Health Department
  • Department of Public Works
  • Town (if required)
  • Sprinkler Certification
  • Fire Marshall (if required)

Once all necessary final inspections have been approved, the Certificate of Use and/or Occupancy must be picked up in person prior to occupancy.