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Building Permit Application Process

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  • Submittal of Application
    • Application must be submitted in person by the owner(s) of the property, a licensed contractor or a representative of the owner(s). A letter of permission or signed contract will be required from the owner(s) prior to the issuance of a approved permit.
    • If property is within the incorporated Town limits of Cecilton, Chesapeake City, Charlestown, North East, Perryville, or Port Deposit their approval is required prior to applying for a County Building Permit. Contact the appropriate Town for information and their approval process.
    • Minimum fee of $30.00 is required at time of application. This fee will be deducted from the amount of the permit and is non-refundable. Payment may be made by cashcheckmoney order or certain credit cards. There is a third party convenience/transaction fee when paying via credit card.
    • At the time of submittal you will be given a permit number, this does not mean that you have an approved permit.
    • Application will be processed and filed electronically with all other approving agencies simultaneously. The approval of the Department/Agencies depends on the type of permit you apply for. 

    Other Approving Agencies:  Depending on type of permit and scope of work applied for, it may require the approval of the following Agencies.
  • Maryland State Fire Marshal -  Code Enforcement, Licensing, and regulations, etc.  The Office of the State Fire Marshal provides pre-construction services of building, and fire protection system design plan reviews and consultation by their engineering staff. They also conduct on site inspections and acceptance testing of building construction and any fire protection systems. These inspections are coordinated closely with municipal and county building department authorities to ensure complete integration of the customers inspection process. Additionally, they handle complaint inspections from concerned citizens and patrons of public buildings within the state. They also actively conduct random spot inspections of existing locations to ensure long term compliance with the State Fire Prevention Code. These spot inspections include occupancy load counts during evening, weekend, and other peak times of day for assembly occupancies.  Contact them for requirements and additional information.  Office: (410) 836-4844

In-Water Projects;  Prior to applying for a uilding permit you must have approval from the Maryland Department of Environment.

  • Maryland Department of Environment- In-water projects, piers, docks, critical areas,etc., visit there site or contact them for requirements and information. Office: (410) 537-3000
  • Approval - Once approval has been received from all agencies associated with the permit, you will be contacted to come and pick up your approved permit . Once you have picked up your permit you can proceed to do the work for which the permit was applied. 
  • Inspections - Inspections are required for all type of permits.  Required inspections  A list of the required inspections will be given to you on issuance of your permit. 
  • Permits expire one year after issuance but work must commence within 180 days from the date that it was issued.