Until further notice: Cecil County Administration Building is open by appointment only.
Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Visit the Coronavirus Information page:

In response to COVID-19, the Cecil County Finance Department has implemented the following operational changes, effective immediately:

The County is encouraging all residents to use the secure drop box, which is located directly to the right of the doors in the front of the building. 

Residents may use the County‚Äôs online bill paying system (Citizen Self Serve) to process most types of payments.

Please note: Landfill and Delinquent Tax payments cannot be processes through Citizen Self Serve.

Staff members are available by phone to assist with online payments including landfill and delinquent tax payments.  Until future notice, the County has suspended the fees associated with e-check payments. Payments made via credit cards will continue to be assessed a 2.39% processing fee.

The Finance department is still recording paper documents, but we encourage you to look into Simplifile, which is a web-based application that allows electronic recorded for most types of documents. 

For more information or to process payments over the phone, contact the Finance Department at 410-996-5385.

Properties that went to auction on June 3, 2019 can be redeemed by paying the past due taxes up until end of June 2019. Payment must be made via certified funds, money order, cashier's check and certain credit cards. If you are redeeming a property past the June deadline, you will then be required to pay all the past due bills plus any current year's bills which become due and payable at the time of redemption.

The 2019 Real Estate Tax Bills have been mailed, and are now available online for payment. If you need assistance regarding your bill, please contact us at 410-996-5385.

We have provided the following information to better assist you and will continue to build upon it and add additional features in the coming months. We hope you find this site useful and welcome any suggestions.

The Mission of the Cecil County Finance Office is to provide the citizens of Cecil County with an accurate and fair presentation of the finances of the County. We are charged with the responsibility to provide the County Executive and the County Council with the information needed to make sound decisions for the benefit of all citizens.

We are responsible for the following activities that allow Cecil County to operate effectively:

Our office is responsible for the collection and investment of the County's funds as well as all facets of accounting. We prepare the Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports for the County. Our office bills and collects the County's real and personal property taxes as well as collecting fees for permits and inspections, landfill and septage, sewer, liquor licenses, dog licenses, and various other fees as well as conducting the annual tax sale on the first Monday in June.

We provide financial information to various departments within the County and provide a monthly cash position report for the citizens, the County Executive and the County Council. We are also responsible for issuing all checks to pay the bills of the County.

The office staff strives to provide the best possible customer service while maintaining the integrity of the financial data. We are constantly working to make our department more user friendly and would be happy to assist homeowners with the preparation of the annual Homeowner Property Tax Credit forms as well as small business with their personal property tax issues.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Lisa Saxton
Director of Finance