Cecil Innovators

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What is a Cecil County Innovator?

Cecil County Innovators are entrepreneurs and emerging companies that call Cecil County home.  These companies have developed new technologies and products that improve medical procedures, reduce environmental impacts, and reduce consumer costs. They have received regional and national recognition for their innovations. 

Clene Nanomedicine

Clene is launching a new class of neuro-therapeutics termed nanocatalysts. Clene’s nanocatalysts work in multiple cell types to improve multiple bioenergetic processes that may effectively treat many different diseases. This novel wide-ranging approach represents a revolutionary shift in the pharmacological treatment of disease. The company’s Clean-Surfaced Nanocrystal (CSN™) therapeutics are produced utilizing a patented electro-crystal-chemistry process that results in highly faceted clean surfaced nanocrystals of pure transition elements including gold, silver, platinum, zinc as well as alloy combinations. Clene’s CSN™ nanocrystal suspensions are engineered through the application of plasma physics and proprietary materials science, resulting in self-assembled, atomically clean-surface elemental nanocrystals unmodified by the addition of chemical surfactants or surface capping agents. The properties of these clean surfaced faceted nanocrystals allow for highly biologically active nanocatalysts.

Micropore Inc.

Microrpore manufactures reactive plastics which incorporate various powders into a molded matrix.  The company's first product uses a CO2 adsorbent powder which is formed into a cartride to create a revolutionary CO2 adsorbent system used in rebreathing and life support applications.  The patented  technology is the first major advance in CO2 adsorbent technology in over 100 years, providing superior performance advantages over existing granular adsorbents.  The CO2 adsorbent cartridges are marketed under the ExtendAir® brand name and are used for life support in the fire-fighting, medical, dive, submarine and military markets.

Operative Experience

Operative Experience is on a mission to revolutionize surgical and pre-hospital training.  Using medical simulators with unprecedented anatomical and surgical fidelity within a rigorous experiential instructional paradigm, OEI will reduce training costs while increasing training effectiveness and retention.  OEI is dedicated to applying this technology to reduce combat and civilian surgical mortality, and to provide humanitarian support to third world countries with limited medical resources.  OEI recently leased 6,000 square feet in Cecil Technology Park.