Arthritis Foundation's Exercise Program

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According to the Arthritis Foundation's Exercise Program Manual (1999, by the Arthritis Foundation), their exercise program is a community-based, non-clinical program that involves the group participation of individuals with arthritis. It is designed specifically for persons with rheumatic disease taking into consideration the pain, fatigue, decreased strength and motion which often accompanies the disease. The program includes accommodations for individual limitations and does not encourage activities which might aggravate, rather than relieve, arthritis symptoms. 

This arthritis exercise program has been designed to accommodate the many types of rheumatic disease and offers the instructor flexibility in choice of programs, depending on the target audience.

The program consists of two levels: 1) a basic range of motion level and 2) an advanced level. To encourage variety and flexibility in meeting different target audience's needs, a total of 72 exercises, performed while sitting, standing or on the floor are included. All of the exercises were designed to be within the capability of most people with arthritis.

The Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Center offers the Arthritis Foundation's Exercise Program twice weekly.  Our Fitness Coordinator -- Jim Tambasco  -- is Certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructor and has been trained by the Arthritis Foundation. In addition to arthritis, individuals with fibromyalgia are also finding this program to be of benefit. As with all our fitness programs, a Physician's Consent Form must be signed before participation in the Arthritis Foundation's Exercise Program. Be sure to either fax the form to us 1800-758-0915, or bring the signed form with you before the class begins.

Call 410-620-3101 or email us at for more information. Class size is limited and you may be put on a brief waiting list.