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Hearing Procedure

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Neighborhood Youth Panel

  • The Neighborhood Youth Panel Coordinator, a police officer (if available), three to five Panel members, the youth and their parent/guardian, are present at all hearings.

  • The police report is read to the Panel and the participants.

  • The youth, his/her parent and the victim(s) are given an opportunity to provide the Panel with additional information that is deemed relevant. The youth may not refute the charge – all youth participate voluntarily and have admitted their own involvement. (If a youth refutes the charges, their NYP hearing is immediately concluded. The case is returned to the Intake Unit for normal processing.) Panel members ask questions to any of the participants before making decisions on appropriate consequences/corrective action.

  • The panel, after reaching consensus on conditions to assign, develops a written agreement to be signed by all participants at the end of the proceedings. This agreement includes all expectations and/or requirements of the youth with clear deadlines for completion of the assignments.

  • A panel member/mentor is assigned to each youth for supervision of conditions assigned by the Panel. The panel member/mentor reports completion/noncompliance of assignments to the Coordinator within forty-five days of the panel hearing. Extension requests must be approved by the Panel Coordinator.
  • Outcome of assignments/verification of completion will be documented in each youth’s file.

  • The Youth Panel Coordinator maintains statistics for assigned sanctions, outcome/compliance, and number of participants as well as other relevant statistics.