Comprehensive Plan Committee

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The Comprehensive Plan Citizen Oversight Committee is charged with working with the Office of Planning & Zoning to develop and draft the County's next Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  The 41 committee members represent various elements of the general population, and all members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.  

2010 Comprehensive Plan

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2010 Comprehensive Plan on April 13, 2010.  

Meetings and Agendas

The final meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Citizen Oversight Committee took place on October 14, 2009.  Having completed their assigned tasks, there will be no further meetings of the Citizen Oversight Committee.

Maps and Data for Committee Review

Data Type Date
Power Point Presentation January 16, 208
Incorporated Towns' Presentations May 2008
Meeting Packet July 16, 2008
Household Capacity Maps July 2008
Cecil Scenarios Presentation July 31, 2008
Cecil Scenarios Packet August 26, 2008
Meeting Packet October 15,2008
Power Point Presentation October 15, 2008
Meeting Packet April 15, 2009
Meeting Packet May 20, 2009
Table of Goals May 26, 2009
Meeting Packet May 27, 2009
Meeting Packet June 17, 2009
Meeting Packet June 24, 2009
Meeting Packet July 1, 2009
Meeting Packet July 8, 2009
Meeting Packet July 15, 2009
Meeting Packet August 19, 2009
Meeting Packet Refinements August 19, 2009
Meeting Packet September 16, 2009
Chapters 1-11 of Draft Plan September 24, 2009
Meeting Packet September 24, 2009

Meeting Minutes




Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

Agriculture, Preservation, and Minerals Subcommittee

Economic Development Subcommittee

Housing & Recreation Subcommittee

Infrastructure & Transportation Subcommittee

Land Use Subcommittee

Public Services Subcommittee

Water Resources Subcommittee

Committee Members