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MST in Concert Presents: Titanic

Story and Book by Peter Stone; Music and lyrics by Maury Yeston.

In the final hours of April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and 'the unsinkable ship' slowly sank. It was one of the most tragic disasters of the 20th century. 1517 men, women and children lost their lives. Based on the true story of the great ships's maiden voyage, the the story focuses on the real passengers and crew members who traveled aboard the doomed ship. Act I details their dreams and their wonder as they travel aboard the grand ship, while Act II focuses on their desperation and attempts to survive as the ship sinks. in telling their stories, the show touches on issues such as class, the American dream, and mankind's vulnerability in the face of nature. Through an ingenious doubling scheme created by original Broadway cast member Don Stephenson, Titanic Ensemble Version features a cast of just 20 to tell the gripping story of the ocean liner's maiden voyage and tragic demise. Titanic swept the 1997 musical Tony Awards winning all five nominations including Best Musical and Best Score. Please note: This musical does not include music from the 1997 James Cameron film.

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