School Resources Unit

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The School Resource Unit consists of one Sergeant and three Deputies. The unit provides
security, investigation services, and drug abuse prevention programs in the school systems in Cecil
County that are outside of the incorporated towns.School Resource Officers take an interactive approach with students at their schools. They not only investigate crimes in the schools but also participate in a variety of activities including the following:

• Drug prevention and alcohol prevention. The DARE program was presented to 570 students in the sixth grade.

• Coordinate and implement active shooter civilian response training (ALICE). The School Resource Unit along          with the Community Resource Unit began the implementation of the ALICE Program training for Cecil County        Public School (CCPS) staff. CCPS staff from twelve school buildings, along with the Central Office and                        the Administrative Services were trained with positive results.

• Provide police security at home football and basketball games, school dances and graduation                        ceremonies/celebrations.

The School Resource Officers maintain an open and honest relationship with students, which
promote a positive image of law enforcement. These officers de-escalate incidents before
becoming potentially dangerous and often prevent situations from occurring.

For Fiscal Year 2017 School Resource Unit Statistics please view the 2017 Annual Report