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Child abuse investigations begin with a referral from a community member to the Department of Social Services, Child Advocacy Center. If a physical or sexual assault injury on a child is apparent, the police and Child Advocacy Center then begin a joint investigation by first speaking with the alleged victim and any siblings in the home. Once their account of the incident is obtained, the investigation concludes with an interview of the alleged abuser, often times a parent, at which point criminal charges may be issued for the injury to the child. The Cecil County Sheriff's Office has two full-time deputies assigned to the Department of Social Services, Child Advocacy Center to investigate these cases in Cecil County. The Criminal Investigation Division also assists in these cases.   

Throughout the year Detectives have initiated 126 cases that were investigated with the Department of Social Services.  CID served a total of 165 children at the Child Advocacy Center.  This is a 47% increase from calendar year 2017.  These cases would include Child Sexual Abuse, Child Physical Abuse, Child Neglect and Child Fatality investigations.

Investigators with CID are responsible for attending the quarterly Sexual Assault Response Team meetings as well as the bi-weekly case review meetings held at the Child Advocacy Center. 


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