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Current Projects

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Solicitation NumberTitlePre-Opening Date/TimeOpening Date/TimeStatus
RFP 18-17Cecil County Communications System12/11/2017 9:00 AM01/24/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 18-11-52019Racine School Road Improvements fron Old Elk Neck Road to Oldfield Point Road01/31/2018 10:00 AM02/21/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-06Maintenance and Repair of Weight Scales02/23/2018 11:33 AM02/27/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-09Trash Removal: Cecil County and Fletchwood Community02/02/2018 1:33 PM03/01/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-10Grass Cutting County Properties02/15/2018 9:00 AM03/01/2018 2:00 PMAwarded
Bid 18-12Elk Neck Elementary School Stormwater Retrofits and Racine School Road Stormwater Retrofits from Oldfield Point Road to Longview Drive01/31/2018 11:00 AM03/01/2018 2:30 PMAwarded
RFP 18-20AUDIO VIDEO UPGRADE02/09/2018 1:00 PM03/09/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-07Fuel Storage System Maintenance02/13/2018 1:59 PM03/22/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-07Roadway Pipe02/14/2018 3:29 PM03/22/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-08Road Reclamation02/14/2018 3:42 PM03/22/2018 2:00 PMAwarded
Bid 19-01Roadway Sign Blanks and Posts02/14/2018 9:12 AM03/23/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-02Roadway Tree Trimming02/14/2018 10:16 AM03/23/2018 2:00 PMAwarded
Bid 19-03Guiderail Installation and Repair02/14/2018 11:29 AM03/23/2018 2:30 PMAwarded
Bid 19-04Bituminous Material02/14/2018 1:01 PM03/23/2018 3:00 PMAwarded
Bid 19-06Milling Machine Rates02/14/2018 2:28 PM03/23/2018 3:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-11Mixed Tire Transportation and Disposal or Recycling/Reuse03/05/2018 2:28 PM04/03/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-01On-Call Transportation Engineering Services03/22/2018 11:00 AM04/04/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-03On-Call Waste Water Engineering Services03/22/2018 11:00 AM04/04/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
RFP 19-04On-Call Construction Inspection Engineering Services03/22/2018 11:00 AM04/04/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
Bid 17-13-55053Harbour View WWTP ENR Upgrade03/07/2018 1:00 PM04/11/2018 1:30 PMAwarded
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