As of 12/14/18: Cecil County Solid Waste Management is not currently accepting credit cards due to processing issues with the credit card companies. Please be patient with us until the issue is resolved. Cash is accepted at all locations. 

Wastewater FAQs

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Cecil County Sewer Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Updated 10/01/18)

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Call Wastewater Division at 410-996-6260

  • Can I dispose of unwanted, unneeded, or expired medications by flushing them down the toilet?

  • What can I do to help prevent sewer back-ups?

  • Is insurance coverage available to cover the cost of damages resulting from a sewer back-up?

  • Who is responsible for the cost of cleaning up a sewer back-up?

  • Who do I call and what do I do if I have a sewer back-up?

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the sewer lines?

  • Can I connect my sump pump, roof gutters, or other drains to the County sewer system?

  • What happens if I don’t pay my sewer bill?

  • What options are available for paying my sewer bill?

  • Who do I call if I have a question about my sewer bill?

  • How is my sewer bill calculated?

  • When will I receive my sewer bill?

  • I’m moving into (or from) a residence which has County sewer service. How do I start (or stop) sewer service?