January 27, 2009

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The Board of License Commissioners of Cecil County met in a regular session at the County Administrative Building, Conference Room, 200 Chesapeake Boulevard, Elk Room, Elkton, MD on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 9:00 A.M.


PRESENT:     Tim Snelling, Chairman

                   Herrell 'Cuz' Curry, Commissioners

                   William Gerweck, Commissioner

                             H. Norman Wilson, Jr., Esquire

                   Earl R. Bradford, Chief Alcohol Beverage Inspector

                             Robin S. Coyle, Administrative Assistant


Update - Class "B" BWL Alcoholic Beverage License B-131 - Judith Davis; T/A Trendz, 1183 East Pulaski Highway, Elkton, MD 21921


Brian Davis appeared before the Board; he stated his mom, Judith Davis was unable to attend, due to the recent death of his brother.  Mr. Davis explained to the Board that Paul Granger, the owner of the building has notified him that he will not be doing the external upgrades and that they will need to vacate the premises.  Mr. Davis stated he has contacted the owner of the old Walmart building and is in the process of signing a lease there and hopes to be open within five months.  He stated each unit will have its own outside entrance and no common inside area.  The Board told Mr. Davis he will need to submit a new application for transfer of location as soon as possible.


General Business

·                     Approve Minutes

The minutes from the November 25, 2008 meeting were approved.


·                     Specials

There are no specials.


Old Business

·                     Legislative Issues

v    Class "W" Winery License

The Board does not wish to pursue this license this year.


v    Beer Growlers

Chief Bradford stated he has not heard anything further on this.


·                     C&D Canal Appeal

Mr. Wilson stated this is scheduled for September.


·                     License Updates

v    Archway Inn (B-5)

Chief Bradford stated he has spoken with Karen Graves and she has had to pay the settlement to Kevin McDevitt.


v    Country Market (B-92)

Continues to be closed and again on the Comptroller's list.



v    Little Orkie's (B-103)

Released by the Comptroller's Office - license mailed


v    Rendezvous (B-41)


New Business

·                     Pickled Herring (B-102)

The area where the kitchen is located has not been approved, therefore they do not qualify for the Sunday Sales license - the license was re-issued.


·                     Anchorage Enterprises (A-9)

The lease was not renewed to Jaya Patel as of October 1, 2008 - the Board found this license has expired.


·                     Brantwood Golf Club (C-11)

The lease was not renewed to Brantwood Golf Club, Inc. as of December 31, 2008 - the Board found this license has expired.


·                     Washington House (B-19)

Lease between The Washington House LLC and CoreStates Enterprises has expired - license has been reissued to The Washington House LLC and is in the file in our office.


·                     Renewals

Will be mailed February 2, 2009.


With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.




Tim Snelling, Chairperson



Robin S. Coyle, Administrative Assistant