September 25, 2007

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County Administrative Building

Conference Room, 107 North Street, Elkton, MD



9:00 AM          Update

                        Class "B" BWL Alcoholic Beverage License No. B-127 - William W. Herold, Jr., SWK Enterprises, Inc., T/A Villaggios Ristorante, 5301E. Pulaski Highway, Perryville, MD


9:15 AM          Violation Hearing - Providing alcohol to person under 21 -

                        Compliance Check

                   James Gordon, President; Edward Tillinghast, Assistant Secretary; Gordon Elkton, Inc., T/A 7-Eleven, 299 East Pulaski Highway, Elkton, MD 21921


9:30 AM          Violation Hearing - Providing alcohol to person under 21

                   Jerren U. Wetterau, Partner, Arnold Ford Hall, Jr., Partner, James Walter O'Neal, Partner, Fredericktown Partners, L.L.C., T/A Granary Restaurant Sassafras Grill,97 George Street, Fredericktown, Georgetown, MD 21930


9:45 AM          Violation Hearing - Selling, serving, consuming after hours

                   Todd Stewart, President; Robert E. Stewart, Vice President; Carrie A. Riggs, Secretary; Hotel Port Deposit, Inc., T/A The Winchester Hotel, 15  South Main Street, Port Deposit, MD 21904


10:00 AM       Transfer of Location

                   Application received from Amanda Taylor, Managing Member; Milton McAllister, Member; Lucas Barr, Member; A&L Taylor, LLC; T/A Bigfoot Steaks & Hoagies, 20 West Main Street, Rising Sun, Maryland for transfer of location for Class "B" BWL Alcoholic Beverage License No. B-54 from Amanda Taylor, Managing Member; Martina Linz McCann, Member; A&L Taylor, LLC, T/A Bigfoot Steaks & Hoagies Conowingo, 1809 Conowingo Road, Rising Sun, MD 21911

10:15 AM       Update - License not issued within 60 days

                   Class "C" Alcoholic Beverage License No. C-11 - Jeffrey M. Haggerty, Darrell Wayne Evans, Brantwood Golf Club, Inc. T/A Brantwood Golf Club, 1190 Augustine Herman Highway, Elkton, MD 21921


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