Planning Commission (evening meeting) - October 15, 2018

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Monday, October 15, 2018
Alternate Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
County Administration Building
Elk Room
200 Chesapeake Boulevard
Elkton, MD 21921
6:00 P.M.


  1. Dorado Meadows, Major Re-Subdivision, Preliminary Plat, Phase 3, Lots 23-28 & Open Space, Calvert Road & Kelly’s Drive, McCrone, Inc., Ninth Election District.


  2. Racine Estates, Major Re-Subdivision, Preliminary Plat, Lots 1-4 & 36, Theodore & Washington Schoolhouse Roads, McCrone, Inc., Fifth Election District.



FILE: 3901 APPLICANT: David Glick & Stephen Glick.
FOR: Special Exception to operate a slaughter house.
PROPERTY LOCATION: 1075 Bouchelle Road, Elkton, MD 21921, Election District: 5; Tax Map: 19, Parcels: 78 & 97.
PROPERTY OWNER: David & Sadie Glick.
PRESENTLY ZONED: Northern Agricultural Residential, (NAR).


FILE: 3903 APPLICANT: Robin M. Sherrard.
FOR: Special Exception to operate an outdoor firing range on the property.
PROPERTY LOCATION: 57 Rolling Hills Ranch Lane, Port Deposit, MD 21904, Election District: 7; Tax Map: 22, Parcel: 9, Lot B.
PROPERTY OWNER: Robin M. Sherrard.
PRESENTLY ZONED: Northern Agricultural Residential, (NAR).


FILE: 3904 APPLICANT: Christopher Bainbridge.
FOR: Special Exception to place a Single Wide Mobile Home on the property for agricultural help.
PROPERTY LOCATION: 895 Middleneck Road, Warwick, MD 21912, Election District: 2; Tax Map: 53, Parcel: 8.
PROPERTY OWNER: Christopher & Kelly Bainbridge.
PRESENTLY ZONED: Southern Agricultural Residential, (SAR).


FILE: 3906 APPLICANT: Justin R. Ragan.
FOR: Special Exception Renewal to operate a home occupation.
PROPERTY LOCATION: 10 Hawthorn Drive, Port Deposit, MD 21904, Election District: 6; Tax Map: 17, Parcel: 199, Lot 23.
PROPERTY OWNER: Justin R. Ragan.
PRESENTLY ZONED: Rural Residential, (RR).