Welcome to the Department of Land Use and Development Services!  Created by Executive Order in April 2017, the Department combines the former Office of Planning & Zoning, Office of Permits & inspections, and the Plans Review Branch of the Department of Public Works into one unit.  Additionally, the County's Geographic Information Systems program is administered by the new Department.

This reorganization creates greater efficiency in the plans review and permitting processes by bringing all employees that administer this function together in one place.  

For detailed information about the Department's divisions, please use the links to the left.  In general, the divisions' responsibilities are as follows:

Permits & Inspections - P&I provides permitting, inspection and building code enforcement services.  Information regarding the application, issuance, and day to day status of numerous types of permits can be obtained by contacting P&I at 410-996-5235.  This division also conducts field inspections consistent with the applicable adopted codes. 

Planning & Zoning - P&Z coordinates major and minor subdivision review, administers the forest conservation act, oversees the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and floodplain management programs, and ensures that all land use activity is done in conformance with the Cecil County Zoning Ordinance.  In general, P&Z ensures that the goals and objectives of the County's Comprehensive Plan are implemented.  

Development Plans Review - The development plans review division evaluates grading permits, stormwater management plans, and infrastructure plans (i.e. roads, storm drains, water, and wastewater).   

2019 Master Water and Sewer Plan

The Maryland Department of the Environment approved Cecil County’s 2019 Master Water and Sewer Plan on July 22, 2019.  Along with the County’s Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, the Master Water and Sewer Plan serves as the third document in the triumvirate that aims to achieve the goals and objectives of Cecil County’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan. To view the 2019 Master Water and Sewer Plan, please visit's the Department's "Frequently Requested Documents and Forms" page.