Voter Registration Volunteer Resources

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Important Reminders:

  • Completed and collected Voter Registration Applications MUST be mailed or delivered to the Election Office within 5 days of its completion. An applicant may return their own application or entrust a volunteer to return it for them.

  • Individuals who are 16 years of age can register to vote. A letter will be sent to confirm that their application has been processed and held in a pending status; this is until they are 18 years of age before or on a general election.

  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, discuss political/candidate preferences or advise applicants to select one party over another. If the applicant is unsure of which party affiliation to select, they may leave Box 9 blank, which will indicate that the voter is Unaffiliated/Independent of any political party.  

  • Remind voters that they may register with any political party that they wish. If they would like to take part in the political party’s Primary Election, caucus, or convention they must affiliate with the associated party.

  • Please verify that the application is complete, signed, and legible. If we are unable to clearly read the applicant’s penmanship, we will not be able to ensure the accuracy of their registration. Therefore, it is beneficial for applicant’s to include a phone number so that we may contact them if we experience difficulties.  


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