June 2, 2015

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County Council of Cecil County

County Administration Building

200 Chesapeake Blvd, Elkton

Elk Room - First Floor

June 2, 2015

Worksession Meeting Agenda

Open Session


1. Approval of Minutes- Audio
May 26, 2015 Work Session

2. Discussion - FY 2016 Budget Deliberation - Council President Hodge- Audio

3. Review of Legislative Agenda

a.Introduction of Bills- Audio

Bill No. 2015-11 Approval - Agricultural Preservation District - Flying Plow Farm

b.Introduction of Resolutions- Audio
1.Resolution No.31-2015 Appointment - Board of License Commissioners - Reid Cameron

2.Resolution No.32-2015 Approval - Girl Scouts - Maryland Dept. of Housing and Community Development


c.Consideration of Resolutions - Audio, Audio 2
1.ResolutionNo.21-2015 Fees - Inmate Weekend Housing - Work Release - Detention Center

2.ResolutionNo.22-2015 Fees - Community Service - Detention Center

3.ResolutionNo.23-2015 Fees - Inmate Housing - Gainfully Employed - Detention Center

4.ResolutionNo.24-2015 License Fee - Amusement Machines, Jukeboxes and Mechanical Devices

5.Resolution No.25-2015 Fees - Mosquito Control

6.Resolution No.26-2015 Permit Fee - Road Utility Permit

7.Resolution No.29-2015 Budget Amendment - Grant Budget - Sheriff's Office

8.Resolution No.30-2015 Budget Amendment - Administration Department - Volunteer Recognition Event

d.Call for Final Reading of Bills
1.Bill No.2015-05 Discount - Property Tax Payment - July

2.Bill No.2015-06 Fees - Transfer of Interest in Land

3.Bill No.2015-07 Disposal Fees - Central Landfill

4.Bill No.2015-08 Rental Tax - Manufactured Home Parks

5.Bill No.2015-09 Capital Improvement Program FY2016-2020

6.Bill No.2015-10 Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance FY2016

e.Adoption of the Tax Rate
Resolution No. 27-2015 Adoption of Tax Rate

f.New Business- Audio
Cecil County Public Schools - Budget Amendment #19

7. Council Manager Report- Audio

8. Council Member Items- Audio

ADJOURNMENT: Next Council Workession Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,June 9, 2015at9:00a.m.in the Elk Room of the County Administration Building, 200 Chesapeake Blvd, Elkton, MD. Disclosure: The Worksession meeting of the County Council will be audio recorded and made available on this website. Persons needing accommodation may contact the Council Office at 410.996.5201(MD Relay 711), or email: council@ccgov.org. This document is available in alternate format.