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Current Capital Improvement Program Projects

Current Bridge Replacement Projects:

Baron Road Bridge, CE0097, over CSX RailroadThe project will consist of removing the existing steel and timber bridge and replace it with a new concrete slab on steel beam bridge.  The new concrete abutments will be supported on steel H-Piles.  The new concrete piers will be founded on spread footings.  Improvements to the approach roadway are also included.  This bridge is currently closed to all traffic.  Construction activities for the project will begin on or about September 2014 with an anticipated construction duration through June 2015.  Project Manager:  John Fabian

Star Route Road Culverts - This project is located on Star Route Road approximately 250 feet west of the intersection with Blue Ball Road.  This area is currently closed to all traffic.  The project is the replacement of existing twin 48" corrugated metal pipe culverts and stone masonry headwalls with a precast reinforced concrete box culvert and associated headwalls, retaining walls, stream stone riprap scour protection, limited approach roadway work and associated traffic safety features.  The road is currently closed to traffic and construction is anticipated to begin late September with the road re-opening late December 2014.  Project Manager:  John Fabian

Conowingo Lake Road Culverts- The project is located on Conowingo Lake Road adjacent to Mt. Zoar Road.  The contract is for the replacement of existing twin 48" corrugated metal pipe culverts and stone masonry headwalls with twin 48" reinforced concrete pipe and associated concrete headwalls, retaining wall, limited approach roadway work and traffic safety features.  The anticipated road closure is late August 2014 and re-opening is anticipated to be in late November 2014.  Project Manager:  John Fabian

Upcoming Road Improvement Projects:

Oldfield Point Road - from Old Chestnut Road south to Breon Lane.  The project will include widening roadway, improving horizontal and vertical alignments, replacing culverts at Jones Creek, in addition to two smaller culverts and drainage improvements.  Project Manager:  John Fabian     

Oldfield Point Road Improvements March 20, 2013 Public Meeting Display Boards:  Detour  Board 1  Board 2  Board 3  Board 4  Needs/Schedule  Typical Section   Frequently Asked Questions

Racine School Road Improvements Public Meeting Information- Project Manager: Kevin Yezdimer 

Upcoming Bridge Replacement Projects:

Closed Bridges

The following bridges are currently closed, and may be scheduled for replacement within the next several years:

Waibel Road over Basin Run (2014);  Razor Strap Road over Stoney Run (2014);  Old Elk Neck Road over Piney Creek (2014); Rolling Mill Road over Northeast Creek, Booth Road over Grammies Run.

Current Solid Waste Projects

Central Landfill Horizontal Expansion - As is typical with landfill facilities, existing disposal capacity is a finite resource and planning for ongoing and increasing disposal demand is required in order to maintain uninterrupted operations to serve the citizens of Cecil County.  Current disposal activity occurs within Cell 4 which has a remaining capacity on the order of 8 to 12 years.  The horizontal expansion project consists of the design and permitting of 80+ acres comprising six (6) new disposal cells which will subsequently be constructed in phases.  The proposed expansion will provide ongoing service for many decades with a total disposal capacity of approximately 16.6 million cubic yards.  Currently, the County is performing engineering activities associated with the 5-phase regulatory permitting process.  Project Manager:  Kevin Yezdimer

Litter Fencing at Homeowner's Convenience Center - This project includes installation of approximately 1000 linear feet of 30 foot high litter fence along the north and east perimeter of the Homeowner's Convenience Center including timber poles, polyester netting, and associated hardware.  Project Manager: Kevin Yezdimer

Upgrade Metals Processing Facility - This project includes pavement reconstruction, replacement of existing security fencing, improvements to the existing catch basins, installation of conduit for future electric and data utilities.  The project also includes contingent work to make structural improvements to existing truck bays.  Construction is expected to last approximately two months beginning in the Spring of 2014.  Project Manger:  Kevin Yezdimer

Tire Wash Facility - This project includes various site work to construct a tire wash facility at the Central Landfill.  The site work for this project includes minor earthwork, installation of a concrete foundation for the prefabricated tire wash unit (purchased by the County and to be installed by others), in-ground concrete water storage/sediment settling tank, asphalt paving, electrical conduit, and associated stormwater management controls.  The project may also include installation of underground water supply piping and sanitary sewer which is being bid as optional work to the contract.  Project Manager:  Kevin Yezdimer

Current Waste Water Projects

North East River Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant ENR Upgrade (NRAWWTP) -  The Northeast River Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Biological Nutrient Removal plant currently permitted for a flow of 2.0 MGD.  Cecil County is being required, by the Maryland Department of the Environment, to complete a construction upgrade to meet Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) standards which require treatment to lower discharge levels.  Construction is expected to begin early 2014 and the anticipated date of completion for the project is late 2016.

This project will renovate and/or reconstruct certain components of the existing plant along with constructing new treatment components, as necessary, to bring the permitted plant capacity into ENR treatment quality requirements.

The project generally consists of modifications to existing concrete process tanks, modifications to existing pump stations, construction of new buildings, flow distribution structures and process tanks, modification to existing piping or installation of new piping, installation of new equipment, power distribution, instrumentation and controls, HVAC and plumbing, yard piping and site work.  A highlight of the upgrade is the implementation of Membrane Bioreactor technology that utilizes semi permeable membranes to increase efficiency and facilitates expansion of the plant as that becomes necessary.  Project Manager:  Jonathan Pohlman

Principio Sanitary Sewer Subdistrict North Interceptor - The Principio Sanitary Sewer Subdistrict North Interceptor project will replace a problematic section of sewer line that serves the Chesapeake House Rest Area on I-95.  The current gravity sewer, constructed in 1974, conveys wastewater to the County's Stoney Run interceptor sewer.  One section of this line runs through woodlands and wetlands and over inaccessible terrain which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain.  It has had a history of clogging and sewer overflows.  Another portion of the sewer to be abandoned runs under and alongside the CSX railroad where railroad maintenance activities and general embankment erosion has impacted the integrity of the sewer line.

The proposed sewer will connect with the existing sewer in Principio Parkway East in the Principio Business Park, redirecting flow to the Principio Sanitary Sewer Subdistrict.  The new sewer will be provided with a service road that will allow the County's Wastewater Division vehicles access to the entire alignment in order to maintain the sewer.  The existing sewer will be abandoned-in-place in accordance with County and CSX Standards.

The duration of the project is approximately nine months and construction is expected to begin in late Winter or early Spring 2014.  Project Manager - Jonathan Pohlman.


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