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Building Permit Applications


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Permit Processing Procedures

The following information outlines the review that a Building Permit goes through after entering the office of Permits & Inspections

Permits & Inspections

  • Submittal of Application
  • Application processed and filed electronically with all other approving agencies simultaneously.
  • Plan Review of construction documents
  • Once approval has been received from all agencies, documentation will be collected and permit will be issued to you.
 Planning and Zoning
  • Confirm compatibility with zoning classification. 
  • Confirm whether subdivision is required or site plan necessary.
  • Review for special conditions (flood plains, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, agricultural preservation,.forest conservation, forest stand delineation, etc.) 
  • Confirm proper address or assign one if required.
  • Determine whether Special Exception or Variance is required.
  • Review plot plan for proper setbacks

Environmental Health Department

The following information is essential to your application:

New Dwellings

    • Has property been perc'd and approved.
    • List subdivision name, lot number and block, if applicable. 
    • If not a subdivision name of property owner when perc'd
    • Proposed house location as shown on approved plat or if location changed, has change been submitted and approved
    • Plot Plan

Additions/Renovations/Changes in use of existing systems

    • What is the existing use of property and what is proposed
    • Submission of diagram showing proposed addition,renovation, change of use
    • Size and location of septic system, type and depth of well
    • Previous building or sanitary permits (number and year issued)
    • Previous owner when permits issued or septic/well installed


    • For food service facilities, plans must be submitted and approved by the Health Department. A plan submittal packet detailing the information required is available.
    • Commercial or industrial facilities shall have all sewage plans approved which may require depending on projected wastewater flow joint MDE approval.  If the facility requires MDE permits, such as Air Management Administration, Waste Management Administration or any other State requirements, these shall be obtained prior to permit approval.  For information regarding MDE permits, contact the environmental permits Center at 410-537-3772.
    • If the facility is connected to or being connected to public water or sewer, there must be capacity and/or hook ups available at the time the permit is issued. For any questions on Health Department requirements, call (410) 996-5160.

Public Works

  • Checks for compatibility to Grading Plan
  • Confirm that the proposed construction meets requirements for Sediment and Erosion, Storm Water Management regulation and any other adopted regulations.
  • Review for necessity of connection to public water and/or sewer and whether capacity is available at water or sewer facility.
  • Process and collect connection fees to public facilities under County authority.
  • Review and set up pre-construction meetings when necessary
  • Coordinate review with Cecil Soil Conservation (410) 398-4411

Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office

  • For Multi-family (three or more units), commercial or industrial construction projects, change of use of existing buildings and the installation of sprinkler systems requires review by the Fire Marshal's Office of all plans and documentation.  Once reviewed and approved, inspections will be required and testing performed in compliance with State regulations prior to the approval for issuance of a Certificate of Use and Occupancy of the fire suppression system.
  • Contact Information (410) 836-4844  website:  https://www.mdsp.org/Organization/OfficeoftheStateFireMarshal.aspx

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