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Message from the County Executive for September 7, 2018

Post Date:09/07/2018 8:53 AM

September 7, 2018

Fellow Cecil County Citizens:

One of my goals as County Executive is to create an environment for all citizens to become actively involved in exercise and other recreational activities that help build sound minds and bodies. Healthy individuals possess a more positive outlook and tend to be more productive in all phases of life be it the workplace, within the community or at home.

It is government’s responsibility to support all aspects of infrastructure, which includes recreational facilities.  Last October 2017, the first artificial turf field on a high school site was unveiled at Perryville High School.


Perryville Turf Ribbon Cutting


This second such facility after the one created at Calvert Park was my first component to facilitate the regionalization of top-notch recreational sites that could address formal and informal activities for citizens of all ages.

On July 18, 2018, Mr. George Rash, Athletic Director at Perryville High School, wrote this unsolicited message concerning the installation at his school:

As this memorable period with our proud and beautiful turf field ends its inaugural year, I want to express my deep appreciation for the help and support demonstrated to make our turf field a reality. The uses of our turf field are countless. Its usage is flooded with requests. I am constantly being approached at events in the stadium with how amazing, attractive, and plush the turf appears and how it enhances the magnificence of our campus.”


This partnership between Cecil County Government and Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) was formalized through a memorandum of understanding pledging to share all physical resources to be open and available to all citizens. Citizens in the Perryville region avail themselves through walking/running the high school track all the way to hosting and participating in formal sports activities throughout the year. You cannot wear this field out whether we are experiencing a drought or a monsoon.

Today, phase two of our regionalization effort is launched through the official opening of a new turf field at Bohemia Manor High School. The school system is complimenting this with the installation of a new track & field facility through the CCPS capital budget.


 Bo Manor Turf Field 0918 Photo Ryan Teeter of LDD Sports
Photo: Ryan Teeter of LDD Sports


It is my intent to continue this regional recreation effort through the future installation of turf fields at the other three high school facilities: North East, Rising Sun and Elkton.

Artificial turf fields require different maintenance and care than grass fields. We need your help in being sensitized to the nuances of artificial turf and the harm that can occur if we do not respect the differences between these new artificial surfaces and natural grass.

Please help us by: 

  • Not taking food of any type onto the field;
  • Not having beverages other than water or Gatorade type drinks;
  • Only wearing tennis shoes or properly molded rubber cleats. NO METAL SPIKES!
  • Not taking pets on the field;
  • Not spitting or discarding sunflower seed shells on the field. Discarded waste thrown on the field can block the designed drainage system therefore causing potential wear and tear of the surface.
  • Public recreational facilities, including public school buildings and fields, are NO SMOKING ZONES. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on public school property. Obvious damage can occur to artificial surfaces by discarding cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Do not drag goals across the field. Wheels have been added to field hockey and soccer goals for easy/safe movement. Lacrosse goals should be picked up and carried to relocate.

Being sensitive to and abiding by these simple safety features will extend the life of these new fields and allow all to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you for helping to continue moving Cecil County forward.


Alan McCarthy Signature 2 

Dr. Alan J. McCarthy
County Executive


Media contact:
Jennifer Lyall
Public Information Officer

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