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Poultry House CAFO Committee Meeting

September 12, 2017

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            Poultry House CAFOs Committee

Meeting – Agenda

September 12, 2017




 Introductions / Announcements for Public & Committee Members                                                               Audio


 Review & Approval of August 22, 2017 meeting minutes                                                                                  Audio


 Resource materials review – information available for purposes of discussion                                            Audio


 Committee Discussion & Recommendations for the following:


  1. Limit CAFOs to NAR and SAR without special exception?
  2. Permit CAFOs in other zoning by special exception?
  3. Minimum lot size for a CAFO?
  4. Specify buffer by size, materials, etc. 
  5. Establish setbacks for

                   a.            Property lines

                   b.            Adjacent property dwellings

                   c.            Proximity to school, church, day care, nursing home

                   d.            Proximity to tributary

                   e.            Tunnel ventilation fans to adjacent dwellings

  6. Specify 60' vehicle access to property?
  7. Require manure storage sheds, composters and carcass disposal to be positioned away from public roads?


 Proposed CAFO’s Regulations Worksheet – alternative recommendations from committee


 Progress / Check-in – need for additional meeting?



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